Resurfaced Bath Tub Refinishing Pros Fort Worth TXThe bathtub, shower, sink or tile replacement process can be quite expensive and will usually take a long time to finish. Renovations, demolition and new fixture installation creates so much mess, and will render the bathroom unusable for weeks or even months while a simple refinish can take as little as a few hours.

If your bathtub is still in working condition, it can be exceptionally suitable for  bathtub resurfacing that will cost just a fraction of what you’ll spend if you decide on doing a replacement.

Tub Refinishing Pros is a bathtub refinishing company based in Fort Worth TX.  With 20+ years of experience and hundreds of bathroom refinishing projects under our belts, we have established ourselves as one of the top bathtub resurfacing companies in the region.

We can fix these problems:

  • Outdated colors & finish
  • Lack of time and budget for renovation
  • Bathtub stains and discoloration
  • Unsightly damage, chips, or cracks
  • Dark & moldy grout lines
  • Cracked and leaking fiberglass
  • Germ collecting tile cracks and laminate seams
  • Cracked or leaking shower pans
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We help our customers to save money with our bathtub reglazing and shower tile refinishing services, meaning that you can renovate your bathroom without spending excessive amounts of money on a remodel. This way, we have helped hundreds of Fort Worth residents to get the bathroom of their dreams without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Tub Refinishing Pros Fort WorthYou see, remodeling your bathroom by ripping out the existing bath tub, shower tiles, and other ceramic or porcelain surfaces can be incredibly expensive and labor-intensive. Instead, we use special tools and techniques to thoroughly clean your existing surfaces and re-paint or re-finish them to your preferences.

So whether you need cast iron tub refinishing, fiberglass tub refinishing, shower tile resurfacing, sink refinishing or anything in between, we here to help.

Our bathtub refinishing services are designed to breathe new life into your shower-bathtub combo without costing you piles of money to do so. We use state-of-the-art industry tools, solutions, and expertise to take your dated bathroom and modernize it, making it feel contemporary and chic despite being made from vintage materials.

Check out our bathtub re-facing and refinishing services, as well as our sink, shower and tile refinishing services. Next time you’re searching for “bathtub refinishing near me”, be sure to check us out and take a look at our dazzling portfolio of transformed bathroom projects.

Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing

Bathtub Refinishing Fort Worth TXWe use a selection of industry-leading tools, solutions, expertise, and experience to help you refinish and reglaze your bathtub, breathing new life into an old and dated-looking tub. For example, we understand how expensive cast iron tubs can be, so we offer cast iron tub refinishing services if you want to bring a dated cast iron tub into the 21st century with style.

Similarly, we also perform fiberglass bathtub refinishing projects, helping you to increase the lifespan of your trusty fiberglass tub. This way, you can save money, get the most bang for your buck, and do your part to help the environment by not creating demand for additional materials unnecessarily. More and more people are realizing what bathtub restoration can do for them.

It doesn’t matter if your old bathtub is chipped, faded, or painted a color that you don’t like – we have the tools and experience to fix all of these problems. We can thoroughly clean and repair any chips in your bathtub, as well as change its glazing and color entirely. Stuck with a chipped old powder blue bathtub that you hate? No problem. We can transform it into a flawless shining white bathtub in just a few hours.

  • Resurfacing & Restoration

    Got an ugly tub, shower, sink or countertop in your bathroom? Bathtub reglazing is both time consuming and expensive without the right equipment. Tub Refinishing Pros provides free bath resurfacing estimates to the entire Fort Worth area. Porcelain, cast iron, clawfoot, acrylic, fiberglass, cluttered marble, and just about any type of tub can be refinished. Call today to schedule a free restoration quote.
  • Porcelain & Fiberglass Tub Repair

    Fiberglass bathtubs & showers typically crack or chip unexpectedly due to lack of support, dropped objects, and normal wear and tear over the years. This can create a "moldy" situation that requires urgent tub repair. This type of tub repair work should only be performed by trained professionals with the proper equipment and materials. Contact us for any urgent crack repair needs in the Fort Worth area of Texas.
  • Ceramic Tile Reglazing

    Fort Worth Tub Refinishing Pros are experts in tile refinishing, a process that will have your tiles looking brand new in no time at all! While your first thought at looking at your old bathroom tiles may be to replace them altogether, there are better and more cost effective options out there. Reglazing helps repair any damages that are made to the surface of your tiles while restoring the gloss and shine they once had.
  • Bathroom Sink Refinishing

    Sinks in your bathroom are typically some of your most used appliances. And, along with regular use, comes inevitable wear and tear. If your sink has not been properly cared for in a number of years, it may be time for a refresher. The best possible option for restoring the appearance of your bathroom sink is by contacting a company who specializes in refinishing.


Bathtub Resurfacing Process

Bathtub Tile Reglazing Fort Worth TXThe process consists of a special two-step procedure to clean and restore commonly used bathtub materials. Re-glazing is able to produce various kinds of finishes to your bathroom fixture to give it that aesthetic boost. The process will definitely address your style concern quickly and effectively.

The reglazing process consists of a meticulous cleaning process to remove soap scum, mineral deposits and body oils, repair of cracks and chips, application of an effective bonding agent to bind the new finish from the old one, and finally the application of durable coating which will bond with the surface and provide for a longer-lasting smooth finish. It includes a thorough cleaning process to get rid of mineral deposits, body oils, and soap scum, next is the repair of noticeable scratches and chips, then the application of a strong adhesive that will bond the new finish into the old surface, and lastly the finishing spray of acrylic coating to make it more durable.

We’ll bring your bathroom to life just by giving your bathtub a brand new color that works with the walls and sink. You’ll thank yourself for taking advantage of a bathroom refinishing instead of replacing a fully functioning but slightly damaged tub.

How Long Does the Refinish Last?

A refinish can last for many years, providing that you take proper care of the bathtub and clean it regularly with the recommended products. If you take care of your bathroom once it has undergone bathtub re-enameling or shower refinishing, the renovated surfaces can last for an additional 10-15 years. You must remember that although the surfaces look new, the materials beneath them are older than they appear, so be sure to take good care of them following project completion.

Shower and Tile Refinishing

Shower and Tile Resurfacing Fort Worth TX

Showers and shower tiles are a haven for mold and mildew, so it’s easy for them to become grotty, dirty, and discolored over time. What’s more, if your bathroom is a few decades old, chances are that your shower is dated, with bygone color schemes and aging tiles which are in great need of some TLC. That’s where our company can help.

We provide shower and tile refinishing services which restore life to your neglected shower and tiles, cleaning the grout and redo/repainting the tiles so that they look as good as new. Our team uses purpose-built tools which speed up the refinishing process, meaning you could have a shower that looks brand new in no time at all.

Our shower and tile refinishing services help Fort Worth residents to enjoy their rejuvenated showers every day without having to spend much on it. Shower and tile restoration projects are fast, cheap, efficient, and help to reduce our impact on the environment. So what is there to think about? Call us today to find out more.


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We can guarantee workmanship that will make your bathtub last longer than you ever believe it would. Our team of experts will give you friendly advice on how to properly care for your tub, add this to following manufacturer guidelines and you will surely get to use your tub for longer.

Don’t think twice and call us now for a free quote. Our satisfied clients have voluntarily given us their testimonials and feedback to stand beside our promise of quality service. As testament to the quality of our work, we offer a lifetime service warranty to all of our customers, which in itself is value for your money. This is because our personnel have undergone a rigorous training in our line of work so that we can be the best at what we do. As a valuable customer, we want you to have a free and no-obligation quote so call us now and let us know how we can help you. You can never go wrong with our professional refinishers servicing your home so call us today.

Our Satisfied Customers

The Tub Refinishing Pros came out and resurfaced our tub & tile surround to perfection. The technicians were professional, friendly, and answered every question that I asked them. I normally don't write reviews, but I really feel that everyone should know about this reglazing company. Highly recommend.

Kalen B. - Fort Worth, TX

The bath tub and tile in our master bathroom needed some major upgrading, and these guys did an awesome job with resurgacing our garden tub & surround. Everything looks brand new, and we couldn't be happier. 5 stars for sure!

Carley R.- Arlington, TX

Our old, stinky tub needed major updating, and these guys were highly recommended by our neighbor. Glad we called the Tub Pros, cause we did not know that a bathtub could be refaced to look brand new. They did a perfect job for a very reasonable price.

Mike R. - Euless, TX

Many of the refinishing companies we contacted quoted twice the cost that the Tub Refinishing Pros cost. Call these guys, you will be amazed at how your bathtub looks after they resurface it.

Belinda O. - Bedford, TX

Bathroom renovations were in progress, and our contractor recommended the Tub Refinishing Pros for a cost effective solution (instead of replacing my bathtub). Reglazing is waaaaay cheaper and much faster to complete. We have nothing but good things to say about these refinishers.

Cassandra and Blake R. - North Richland Hills, TX

The techs restored our kitchen countertop, bath shower pan, and vanity sink. In a nutshell...great job by a superb company!

Kim K. - Keller, TX

Fort Worth Tub Refinishing Pros resurfaced our master bathroom tub within a few hours, and we could not be happier! They were very informative and helpful with color selection to best match the other bath fixtures. From what I have experienced, they are a very professional company with high standards for the work that they do.

Alley M. - Grand Prairie, TX

The soaking tub in our guest bath room needed some major updating due to a couple of cracks, chips and discoloration. So we looked around and found the Tub Resurfacing Pros. They came on time, and finished repairing our bathtub ahead of schedule. They also left our bathroom cleaner than when they came, so that's a plus!

Janice B. - Grapevine, TX

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