Melody Hills Bathtub Refinishing – Don’t Replace, Refinish

Professional and Affordable Bathtub Refinishing in Melody Hills TX

If you have you need bathtub refinishing or you just want in a new color or finish, there are some solutions you can choose from here at Tub Pros. We can assure that you’ll enjoy your long baths more when you know you saved a lot of money letting us do the work for you. Refinishing costs only a quarter of the renovation costs and takes only days compared to weeks or months of renovation. If your current bathtub looks broken down, rusted, damaged or just unattractive and old, it’s time to get it refinished. We refinish worn out, stained, discolored, chipped and damaged tubs as a better substitute to costly renovations or remodeling jobs. We can do a home service and refurbish your worn bathtub, good as new!

Bathtub Refinishing Melody Hills TX

Bathtub Replacing Over Refinishing in Melody Hills TX

A lot of renovation or remodeling companies will not tell you about the refinishing process because it will make them lose money while you save more. Do not get fooled by companies who will promise you an exceptional bathtub refinishing but end up doing a poor job.

We recommend refinishing instead of replacing and here are very good reasons why:
· Spend only 25% of your tub replacement budget!
· Hassle-free process to make your tub good as new!
· Quick and easy refurbishing procedures!
· Save your old tub for longer!

Our bathroom refinishing solves all these problems:
· Patching-up of visible damages
· Strict money and time constraints
· Stuck-up messes and patches
· Discoloration due to molds
· Repair of damaged accessories
· Disgusting tile grouts and linings
· Refurbishing of fixtures
· Re-coloring and re-finishing work

Understanding Bathtub Reglazing in Melody Hills Texas

Witness the change in your bathroom with a simple reglazing from Tub Pros to liven up your faded and dented tub. From chipped to smooth, from cracked to shiny, that is how we transform old bathtubs to brand new looking ones through reglazing. The reglazing process only takes a couple of hours and a small reasonable price to make your tub looking good again. Re-glazing can be made for your bathtub in case you would want to create an impressively designed bathroom. Giving your bathtub the reglazing it needs automatically uplifts the look of a bathroom as a whole and adds value to your property. The cleaning procedure removes various deposits from body washing and dirt. Visible damages are patched up to complete the structural restoration process. No need to suffer for weeks or months not being able to use your bathroom due to unending renovation.

Seasoned Refinishers at Your Disposal

We take pride in employing professional and polite workers who have been hired according to years of experience and good character. By taking time to reach a standard finish, we are proud to say that our finished products are as good as new. We maintain a high level of durability for bathtubs that we have refinished by following strict processes and not doing any shortcuts. We take pride in employing professional and polite workers who have been hired according to years of experience and good character. We take the time to even out the external coating of the final finish by meticulous buffing and polishing procedures.

Durable Bathtub Repair to Last for Longer

We guarantee to produce the best results across all the most commonly used materials for bathtubs. What we do does not give us the title of professionals; it is what we do beyond our promises that make us the most trusted team in this industry. You might not believe how repairs can stretch your tub’s life for more than 12 to 15 years but it’s what we do here at Tub Pros. We can handle any type of surface including ceramic, fiberglass, wood, Formica, plastic, and porcelain. Avoid using harsh materials or cleaning solutions on your tub as they may damage and deteriorate your tub quicker. Imagine spending less compared to a complete replacement but getting more than what you paid for. Extend your bathtub’s life for an unbelievable 12 to 15 years more after you have it refinished while spending far less than just having it replaced. Our dedication to quality and service is apparent in all our dealings and services.

Get Your Bathtub Refinished by the Pros Today

We’ll help you save up to 75% with refinishing instead of replacing. Don’t get tricked about getting a costly renovation when all you need is a bathtub refinishing for the same results and less spending. Save time and money through bathtub refurbishing! We can discuss in detail how refurbishing can specifically help you in your time and budget constraints. No use stalling and putting off tomorrow the elegant bathroom you can have today.

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About Melody Hills TX

Melody Hills is a populated region located within Fort Worth. The home of the famous Melody Hills town is located within the Tarrant county. Within recent years, this city has grown in terms of population, businesses and even residential places. The economic state of Melody Hills is an attractive factor that has brought many entrepreneurs to the town. The real estate business in the region is quite thriving.

An average rental price in Melody Hills stands currently at one thousand dollars. This also will differ depending on the neighborhood that you want to live in. Places located near urban center facilities are more expensive. Arguably, a bigger percentage of the population lies within the middle-income class with very few wealthy individuals and a handful of the low-income population.

The region posses a unique noticeable diversity. Melody Hills borders quite a large percentage of Mexican and Native American descendants living in the region.

Lastly while in Melody Hills make a plan to visit the Melody Hill Retreat. This is 2 to 3 hectares of land that posses various indigenous trees and different types of birds for you and your family to enjoy. You can also take a walk or a ride in the park and enjoy nature.


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