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Professional and Affordable Bathtub Refinishing Saginaw TX

The replacement process can be quite expensive and can take a long time to finish. Renovations and replacements produces so much mess and will render the bathroom unusable for weeks or even months while a simple refinish can take as quick as hours. If your bathtub is still working, it can be exceptionally suitable for a bathtub refinishing that does not even cost half of what you’ll spend if you get a replacement. Tub Pros is the leading provider of bathtub refinishing services whether for residential or rental properties.

Bathtub Refinishing Saginaw TX

Why Go for Bathtub Refinishing in Saginaw TX

We want you to save money by choosing the simpler and more effective solution to damaged bathtubs. Here at Tub Pros, our customers are our priority and we want you to get the best value for your money.

We recommend refinishing instead of replacing and here are very good reasons why:
· Maximize your tub’s usage for as long as 12 to 15 years more
· You see the results faster
· More savings up to 75%
· Less hassle and almost no mess to clean up compared to demolishing jobs

We handle all your bathroom dilemmas:
· Unattractive paint color or the lack of it
· Pricey renovation costs
· Cracked tiles and laminate seams that may be safety hazards
· Marks and irremovable stains on your tub
· Slimy grout lines infested with molds
· Longer working hours spent which translates to more hassle for property owner

The Solution is Affordable Bathtub Reglazing in Saginaw TX

The process consists of a special two-step procedure to clean and restore commonly used bathtub materials. Re-glazing is able to produce various kinds of finishes to your bathroom fixture to give it that aesthetic boost. The process will definitely address your style concern quickly and effectively. The reglazing process consists of a meticulous cleaning process to remove soap scum, mineral deposits and body oils, repair of cracks and chips, application of an effective bonding agent to bind the new finish from the old one, and finally the application of acrylic coating which will laminate the surface and provide for a longer-lasting smooth finish. It includes a thorough cleaning process to get rid of mineral deposits, body oils, and soap scum, next is the repair of noticeable cracks and dents, then the application of a strong adhesive that will bond the new finish into the old surface, and lastly the finishing spray of acrylic coating to make it more durable. We’ll bring your bathroom to life just by giving your bathtub a brand new color that works with the walls and sink. You’ll thank yourself for taking advantage of a bathroom refinishing instead of replacing a fully functioning but slightly chipped tub.

Talk to us and we’ll let you know how we can give your tub that smooth feel that you haven’t felt in a long time.

Expect the Best from the Finished Product

Our professional workers clean up after themselves when everything is done so you wouldn’t have to deal with any of the dirty job, just a smooth and polished bathtub and sink that you can readily enjoy. We can guarantee that we are always working towards your satisfaction. We can guarantee outstanding bathtub finishing at all times. We believe that the materials are only as good as the people who install them, so we ensure that together with our high grade products, we have the best people to carry out the job. We have only been getting good feedback from our loyal customers who speak highly of our services.

Durable Bathtub Repair to Last for Longer

We can guarantee workmanship that will make your bathtub last longer than you ever believe it would. Our team of experts will give you friendly advice on how to properly care for your tub, add this to following manufacturer guidelines and you will surely get to use your tub for longer. Don’t think twice and call us now for a free quote. Our satisfied clients have voluntarily given us their testimonials and feedback to stand beside our promise of quality service. As testament to the quality of our work, we offer a lifetime service warranty to all of our customers, which in itself is value for your money. This is because our personnel have undergone a rigorous training in our line of work so that we can be the best at what we do. As a valuable customer, we want you to have a free and no-obligation quote so call us now and let us know how we can help you. You can never go wrong with our professional refinishers servicing your home so call us now.

Talk to Us, We Can Help You!

You can spend the rest of your replacement budget on other things for your bathroom renovation. Our customers only have good words for the quality of customer service and workmanship that we provide. Avoid the hassle of complete bathroom renovation and replacement just because your tub looks awful and unattractive.  

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Spend Some Time Getting To Know The Charming City Of Saginaw TX

The Fort Worth suburb Saginaw is a charming city and nearby all the action. Its motto is ‘Train and Grain.’ The home rule municipality is also often referred to as Eagle Mountain. For entertainment, stop by Painting with a Twist, and there are some great restaurants in the area, too.

The Lone Star State is known for delicious barbecue, and that is especially the case in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, also known as the Metroplex. To get the best ribs and other delicious meats and sides, stop by Texas Pit BBQ. Shady Oak Barbecue & Grill is another great pick.

Saginaw may be a small city with a population just over 20,000 people, but its rustic charm is going to win you over. You always have the rest of Fort Worth to explore when you are searching for the best in entertainment or a family outing on the weekend.

When it’s time for some ice cream, head on over to the Ice Cream Gallery. Boo Rays of New Orleans and Joe’s Pizza & Pasta are two other popular dining establishments in the area. Whether you are moving to Saginaw with your family, or you’re just visiting, the city is going to show you a good time.


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