Haltom City Bathtub Refinishing – Don’t Replace, Refinish

Demolition and installation of a new bathtub can cost around a minimum of $3000. If you have you need bathtub refinishing or you just want in a new color or finish, there are some solutions you can choose from here at Bathtub Pros. Refinishing costs only a quarter of the renovation costs and takes only days compared to weeks or months of renovation. Avoid the inconvenience of demolishing your old tub and the skyrocketing expenses of having it completely replaced. Just replacing your old tub can cause severe damage not only to your budget but also to your home.

Bathtub Refinishing Haltom City TX

Why Choose Bathtub Refinishing over Replacement

Here at Tub Pros, our customers are our priority and we want you to get the best value for your money. Most remodeling companies will recommend that you replace your bath or remodel your entire bathroom just because they will earn more.

We recommend refinishing instead of replacing and here are very good reasons why:

· Quick and easy refurbishing procedures!
· Save your old tub for longer!
· Spend only 25% of your tub replacement budget!
· Hassle-free process to make your tub good as new!

Our bathroom refinishing solves all these problems:
· Patching-up of visible damages
· Disgusting tile grouts and linings
· Strict money and time constraints
· Stuck-up messes and patches
· Refurbishing of fixtures
· Re-coloring and re-finishing work
· Discoloration due to molds
· Repair of damaged accessories

Best Bathtub Reglazing in Haltom City

You’ll thank yourself for taking advantage of a bathroom refinishing instead of replacing a fully functioning but slightly chipped tub.Here at Tub Pros, we have the expertise in reglazing service for we have been doing it for years. Reglazing simply takes retouching of bathtubs to a whole new level. The cleaning procedure removes various deposits from body washing and dirt. Visible damages are patched up to complete the structural restoration process. We’ll bring your bathroom to life just by giving your bathtub a brand new color that works with the walls and sink.

Talk to us and we’ll let you know how we can give your tub that smooth feel that you haven’t felt in a long time.

Seasoned Refinishers at Your Disposal

We do this to make sure that our customers get the value out of their money. We take pride in employing professional and polite workers who have been hired according to years of experience and good character. We can guarantee outstanding bathtub finishing at all times. By taking time to reach a standard finish, we are proud to say that our finished products are as good as new. We take the time to even out the external coating of the final finish by meticulous buffing and polishing procedures. Bathtub Repair that Lasts Longer than Most

We encourage non-abrasive and green ways of washing your tubs as heavy-duty chemicals can do more harm than good. No matter what type of surface your tub is – Formica, wood, plastic, fiberglass, porcelain or ceramic, our professional team can work their best and deliver outstanding results. You can reach this bathtub life if you follow the guidelines of fixture companies in using and cleaning your tub. Don’t think twice and call us now for a free quote. A careful selection of your cleaning materials can definitely ensure the new life of your bath tub and help improve the environment at the same time. We widely use green and friendly approach to cleaning tubs and we recommend doing away with strong cleaners as they tend to do more damage than repair. Bathtub Pros knows exactly what to do to lengthen the life of your tub and help you spend less instead of just throwing a slightly chipped and faded tub away. As a valuable customer, we want you to have a free and no-obligation quote so call us now and let us know how we can help you. Get Your Bathtub Refinished by the Pros Today

The sooner you call us, the sooner you can enjoy a fresher bathtub while saving more money. Our customers only have good words for the quality of customer service and workmanship that we provide. We’ll help you save up to 75% with refinishing instead of replacing. Let’s talk on how we can help you save lots of money for your refurbishing needs.

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Two Interesting Attractions To Visit In Haltom City Texas

Part of Tarrant County, Haltom City is a Fort Worth suburb, very close to Dallas and a great place to settle down. The city’s motto is ‘Proud and Progressive.’ A couple places of interest to check out in Haltom City include The Historic Haltom Theater and Route 377 Go-Karts.

There is also a toy museum in the area. You can tell that this type of family setting is great for kids. You’re of course right nearby Dallas and Fort Worth, too, so you’re practically privy to an infinite amount of things to do. Is it time to take the kids to the go-kart track? The entire family will have fun at Route 377 Go-Karts.

What about The Historic Haltom Theater? It is located at 5601 East Belknap Street, and you’re talking about a great entertainment venue for live music. You will also find a restaurant there, and of course you’re going to appreciate getting a good look at this historic building in general.

Both of these mentioned attractions are great places to visit as a family. Enjoy getting to know Haltom City, and remember that you’ve got the rest of the Metroplex to explore as well. Make sure you jump in a go-kart with the kids and have some fun.

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